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Homeless Link

Organization: Homeless Link

Url: homeless.org.uk

Products Used: Salesforce1 Platform

Homeless Link Tackle Homelessness in the UK with salesforce.com

Todays economic climate is making survival increasingly challenging and more people are finding themselves without a place to call home. They need support services more than ever, and demand for help with homelessness is 27percent higher than three years ago. At the same time, nearly half of homeless services have had there funding cut – making it more challenging for charities to support the people they are trying to help. Collaboration tools – like salesforce.com – are helping charities allocate and prioritise services quickly and efficiently so they can fight homelessness more effectively.

“We work with vulnerable people and having up-to-date information about their history is essential, both for the homeless person and the case worker,” says Jane Finucane, Head of In-Form at Homeless Link. “But with over hundreds of partner charities supporting homeless people across the UK, gathering that information is a difficult task which is why we turned to salesforce.com.”

“There was no technology that could do this out-of-the-box for us, so we built a customised solution on the Salesforce Platform called In-Form. It’s the only CRM solution built specifically for the charitable housing sector, and allows our partner charities to access and update client records from any mobile device. This means they spend more time with people, and clients don’t need to retell their often difficult story every time they use a service.”

Homeless Link uses the rich data collected by In-Form to build a better picture of homelessness in the UK, analysing which services have the biggest impact as well as identifying gaps in the services provided. Member organisations also use In-Form to prove the outcome and value of their work; since they are charities reliant of funding, the ability to very quickly and efficiently pull real-time data and graphical representations is essential in communicating with supporters.

Finucane concludes, “We believe In-Form and the Salesforce Platform have huge potential to help us meet our aim of ending homelessness in the UK. The opportunities are endless and we are already working with our partners to see how they can make full use of the application.”

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